Extend Your Hair, Extend Your Beauty

September 19, 2017

A hairstyle can either make or break an outfit. Great care is taken by both men and women to ensure that their hair is photo ready at any occasion. Adding African American hair extensions to your hair can allow you the freedom to get creative with up-styles or explore the messy bun.

I realized this fascinating innovative idea while in the months leading up to my wedding. Everything was planned to perfection, dress completed and food arranged. I was not, however, happy at the rate my hair was growing. I had always enjoyed short styles but for my magical day I had decided to grow it out to allow me more creative license where the style on the day was concerned. A month before the wedding, my hair was nothing more than a messy confusion and definitely not what I had expected. I was frantic! I scrolled the pages of Google looking for an answer and then it hit me.

I looked in awe at before and after pictures and at that moment I knew this was my pathway to a magical day. I ordered my completely natural and human hair extensions and waited for the arrival. My package arrived and I was more than pleased with what I found inside. This was a gift like no other. On the day my hairdresser fitted the extensions with ease, creating the most gorgeous style perfectly suited to my tiara and veil.

As I stepped from the car and began my journey up the aisle, I could see the love, adoration and astonishment in my future husband’s eyes. It was perfect! I felt like a princess.

Some many think this sounds silly, but to me having those extensions was the final piece of my wedding bliss puzzle.